Change – Turning point for success.

Formed in late 2013, we are one of the first systems in the world to share advertising revenue with users from conducting site surveys, gaming applications, and global customer connectivity services. Business programs are developed by region.

To affirm ADGROUP's maturity, by 2019 we will be syncing advertising programs worldwide with a consistent system with completely new features. Helping businesses increase the number of potential customers, participants are invited to experience the new features extremely attractive.


– Provide solutions to increase website traffic

– Provide online game distribution solution

– Detailed control of customer access by address, action and time.

– Adjust website access time as required.


– Upgrade getting commission feature from seeing the ad for free.

– Introducing and playing online games

– Earn prize points for phones, laptops and travel for free.

– Upgrading payment gateway for perfect money, Adgroup coin …

– Recruitment features by email marketing system.

– Receive hot bonus for leader

– Commissions rose

– Receive shareholder's money for life.

– The passive income from the advertising system up to 25 tiers.

And many other attractive features

After more than 5 years of implementing the advertising profit sharing program, we have been a leading enterprise in establishing partnerships and a trusted money environment for customers around the world.

With the innovation in our business strategy, we believe it will be a fair, transparent and secure business environment for all participating members around the world.






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