Upgrade ADMONEY Business Plan Version 2.0

Announcement: Synchronize the system data and upgrade ADMONEY business plan version 2.0

After more than five years developing a revenue sharing program from online advertising, we are proud to be one of the pioneers in the advertising industry by paying for the surveys.

ADGROUP system has been affirming its prestige and brand name all over the world. By 2019, we will make a new breakthrough in the advertising industry with the unification of systems and the upgrading of the community reward program to create a new breeze, a new strategy.

In November, we will disconnect the ADMONEY, GETMONEY, EARNMONEY systems scheduled in 3-5 days to upgrade the entire global system. However, we will not perform a continuous upgrade so members can still log in and see ads that do not benefit the business and business of all members.

As soon as the upgrade process is complete we will deploy two Web sites simultaneously to test and review the final steps before launching. Upgrading members does not need to create an account, but all data and business systems will be directly linked to ADGROUP GLOBAL.


– Check the registered data

– Check Email Subscription

After successful synchronization, we will use the old data to verify identity closely to ensure fairness and security for customers around the globe. We believe that with this business program everyone can make money efficiently.

Thank you customers and members have trust our service during the last time.



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